Diagnostics Testing & Analysis

Have you ever tried to ignore that warning light on your dashboard, or hide that annoying mechanical sound by turning up your stereo!? These warnings should definitely not be ignored!  If your check engine light is illuminated, contact us to look into it for you.

Having these warnings looked at and addressed may save you thousands of dollars in potential repairs should you let them go unchecked.

On Board Mobile Mechanics have the latest diagnostic equipment and we are fully equipped to diagnose all makes and models.

Mechanical Diagnostics

  • Dashboard Warning Lights
  • Fault Code Diagnostics
  • Drivability Concerns
  • Non Starting
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Traction Control / ABS
  • Airbag Lights
  • Monitor All Systems and Sensors
  • Top of the line equipment
Vehicle Diagnostic Callout - $120 inc. GST
On-site callout to vehicle: Scan all computer modules and report stored fault code history. Monitor live data, inspect faulty components, troubleshoot, test circuits, road test vehicle.  Once the fault is determined, a quotation for repair will be given.